Can You Put New Insulation Over Existing Insulation in the Attic?

Are you wondering if you can add a new layer of insulation on top of the existing installation in your attic? In many cases, the answer is yes, unless the old insulation is damp, moldy, or infested with pests. If the old insulation is dry but seems to have been wet before, it is important to identify and fix the cause of the problem. If the insulation is in good condition, a new layer can be placed on top without difficulty. However, the method of application depends on the type of insulation that is already installed.

It is possible to reinforce the old insulation by simply placing a new layer on top of it. OJ Insulation's insulation contractors are dedicated professionals with the training and certifications necessary to effectively apply residential and commercial insulation in California. Unless the insulation is wet, moldy, or infested with pests, you don't need to remove it before adding a new layer on top of it. For example, block insulation, rolled insulation, and fiberglass or cellulose insulation with loose blown filler can all be easily installed on top of old insulation.

While it is possible to add a new insulator to the old one, there are several stipulations and circumstances to consider before starting. If you find chemicals, toxins, or asbestos in the existing insulation, you'll want to have it completely removed by a certified professional before installing new insulation. So now you know that you can install insulation on top of old insulation, but should you? At IBP Portland, we want you to make decisions for your home or business that are financially beneficial. In fact, you can add new insulation to other areas of your home besides just the attic.

However, placing coated insulation on top of old insulation in an attic is not recommended as it will trap moisture and cause long-term problems.

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